My dream is to make the world a more beautiful place, by creating paintings that are not only visually stunning, but also inspire feelings of love, tranquility, and simplicity - because I believe that "beauty" encompasses so much more than that which is aesthetically pleasing.



Matthew Rucker is a colorblind painter who loves to play with color. He is a surrealist who believes that life is too short to spend it painting things as they are, so he paints things as he feels they should be. He is an artist who combines depth and humor to create paintings that simultaneously challenge and delight.


Painting is a way for me to go to a place that existed only in my dreams when I was young. This place was quiet, clean and simple. Most importantly to me, in spite of my colorblindness, I could see everything in bright and vivid color. My paintings are snapshots of this place.


Painting is a way for me to learn about myself; particularly, the things that I hide from my conscious self. Through this process, I capture what is most familiar to me: duality, contradiction and ambivalence.


My life is a ride on a pendulum, swinging between polar opposites. I simultaneously stand on two opposing sides, struggling together at the same moment.  It is this moment of black and white, pleasure and pain, human and nature, that I know best and that I paint most.


The most prevalent theme in my paintings is the relationship between humans and nature. Using a painting style I refer to as subtle surrealism, I playfully invent ways in which humans might attempt to dominate, mimic and connect with the natural world.


I use pure and saturated colors in my paintings for a very simple reason, I’m colorblind. I can see approximately 1% of the colors a person with normal color vision can see. I can’t see or match color the way most people can. I therefore have to mix a palette in a way that differs greatly from the average artist, and (when I don’t have help) paint without knowing how accurate my colors are. This isn’t necessarily a handicap. In fact, I think it adds a lot of versatility, originality and a unique cleanness to my paintings.

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